With the speed of transportation and flexibility of technology, travelling from one end of the world to another for business is becoming child’s play. If you were in the management, you would obviously be flying in and out of your destinations, solely for business. Are you planning such a business travel in near future? Here are the top four rules you should know.

Keep documents ready

Starting from passport to driving license; it is important to keep your documents well packed. It is obvious that you would be carrying numerous documents along with travel documents. Do not mix them all. If the airport security asks for your passport, you shouldn’t spend half an hour burrowing your briefcase filled with papers to find it. It is best to keep separate files or folders for all the documents. If possible, keep a soft copy of all these documents too. You will never know when a copy would come in handy.

Pre-pay your amenities

Starting from hotel rooms to taxi, it is very important to pay upfront and book everything. It is not some travel to a valley for relaxation. You need to be on time and punctual throughout your trip. If you choose to reach the land and then find a place to stay, you would end up spending more money or losing precious time in finding a good one. Some accommodations are very suitable for business travelers. They will have high-speed internet, conference equipment, Bluetooth devices and much more. If required, you can choose such accommodation too. Before leaving from home, call and check the reservations with all the service providers. Have a soft copy of all the receipts and registration confirmation mails with you.

Learn culture and rules

Calling your boss by name can be very simple in the West. If you are travelling to the East, the superiors are held with power and called with salutations like sir, boss, ma’am and so on. Some countries prefer eye contact while communicating and some consider direct eye contact as an insult. Some culture gives punctuality more credit while other don’t mind. Starting from initiating handshake with females to the style of eating, some cultures are quite different from the others. If you are a good businessman, you need to know their etiquettes.

Do you know that Friday and Saturday are the weekends in Middle East? You should know the common holidays, normal working times, acceptable dress code and others. Body language learning is quite important. The okay sign with fingers means ‘ok’ in most countries, zero in France and a vulgar comment in Brazil.

Beware of your rights and responsibilities in the country. Always have travel insurance. Do your research about the company you are dealing with, the destination you are going and so on. Always know what your embassy can and cannot do. Know what should be done if your passport gets lost. In case of emergency evacuation, what should you do? Do you know that Skype and many other video calling options are banned in Middle East? You should know how to be connected with your business partners and family. If possible, buy a SIM while you are in the country. Learn the procedure for the same. Learn how to extend your visa. When it comes to business travel, you need to be the master of your surroundings. Spend considerable amount of time learning about your destination and the government rules.


No matter which country you are visiting, there will always be scammers. Since you would be travelling alone, it is much easier for them to con you. Always be alert. Make sure to carry as less luggage as possible. Keep your hands free of luggage, so that you would not have to keep your luggage down to use your hands. Backpack would be great choice. It is best not to discuss why you are visiting the destination to any stranger. Keep to yourself and you would be safe.

There are numerous other tips for business travelers. However, these four are the mantras for a successful business travel. If you are choosing to visit any new destination for business, it is best to choose any travel agency to take care of your trip and itinerary. It would be very professional and easier for you.

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