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4 Airports with Free Layover Tours

4 Airports with Free Layover Tours

For frequent flyers, we don’t need to explain what the term ‘layover’ means. In air travel, a stop or a transfer from one airplane to another is considered to be a layover. Lengthy layovers are not only a total waste of time, it also creates a sense of boredom into our mind, as there is nothing much you can do to kill your time at the airport lounge. At a domestic airport, you can get out from the lounge and relish some local authentic delicacies and enjoy sightseeing, thus making your trip more memorable and insta-ready, which you can’t do during an international trip.

But if you are thinking, all layovers are monotonous, you might have not known about some airports that offer great distractions such as movie theatre at the airport, museums, shopping centre for the shopaholic and more importantly a transit visa, that allows you to come out from the airport and to take deep breath in open air and a blue sky above. Have you ever heard of transit visa? Well, looking at the growing layovers at the international airport, governments of some countries are offering transit visa to those international tourists, who have got layover at their airports. It entitles the passenger to go out for a quick trip and explore the beauty of the land. It was also beneficial for the country as it increases the revenue of tourism sector too.

Let’s cut short and discover some amazing places that offer transit visa for the passengers, who have got layovers at the airport of their country.

Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

Boasting to be an eclectic city, Singapore is a superb geographical location off the coast of Malaysia. The place is known for perpetually evolving self and mesmerizes every wanderlust soul, who pays their visit to this spectacular place.  The approx layover time is 5 to 6 hours and this time is enough for you to discover the Lion city of Asia.

Tokyo Narita Airport (Japan)

When it comes to Japan, the first three things that come to my mind are Mount Fuji, Shinchan and Doremon. Japan was, is and will be my dearest place for forever since I have spent most of my childhood watching the adventures of animated characters like Shinchan, Doremon and Nobita and these helped me to get a vivid picture of this beautiful country. If you are thinking Japan has only them to proffer you, you are wrong my friend! Tokyo is a world unto itself and is an absolute must-visit place for every travel monger. If you have gotten a layover at Tokyo airport, you are lucky enough to gather memory in this beautiful land. I hope you won’t miss Tokyo Tower.

Doha International Airport (Qatar)

For the Indian travelers, there is a good news for you all, as Qatar has decided to introduce transit visa for those who have gotten a layover at Doha International Airport. Qatar is one of the best kept secret of middle-east and as the tourism sector is growing the middle-east is unveiling the curtains of its hidden beauty. With its futuristic architecture that reflects the blend of Islamic culture and modern lifestyle, Qatar is a must visit place for every travel mongers. You can contact for Qatar Transit visa in Delhi and get the chance to explore this beautiful place.

Ataturk International Airport (Istanbul, Turkey)

Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus strait. This is another hotspot for the travelers to experience. To get a free Istanbul tour, make sure you fly with a Turkish airline.

Now every major international airport provides transit visa for foreigners. Make sure you get one prior to your visit.

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