6 Best Event Marketing Practices to Follow – Social Media Trends 2018

6 Best Event Marketing Practices to Follow – Social Media Trends 2018

Social Media provides the best platform for any company or brand to get connected with target audiences, in no time. The social media users scroll down in length to check the content or jump over to something else which they find interesting. This shows that the behavioral pattern of the audience is continuously changing and making it difficult for brands and organizations to grab the attention of audiences.

Also, there is huge competition in this space. It is reported that the attention span of the viewer has reduced to only 8 seconds. This means that a brand has only a 8 second window of time to catch the users’ attention. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to gauge how you are building your brand ideas that work for your brand in social platforms.

Here we are presenting few key trends which we believe can bring great results, for your brand’s social media strategy in 2018.

1) Customizable Chatbots for better & faster Customer Service

Customizable Chatbots have simplified the task of responding to a large volume of incoming social messages. We see a growth to continue for chatbots in coming times. Chatbots responds quickly to customer service questions and along with this, it can also be used as a tool to gather information, give product guidance and help in increasing overall organizational productivity.

The company’s work-load is drastically reduced in sending replies to every customer email, for their satisfaction. Chatbots presents a whole new platform for the marketers to connect with audiences.

Companies saw a spurt of satisfied customers, by using Chatbots for providing customer care. Facebook Messenger is using more than 100,000 chatbots and has helped it in increasing the organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times. More companies are finding it worth implementing the technology in their services.

 2) Augmented Reality

The AR technology offers a plethora of practical applications in every sector. As wide range of social media platforms incorporating Augmented Reality technology, brands or organization can use this technology to project their products in a unique and innovative way to the social media users.

By offering a virtual tour of their facilities brands can surely make a difference in the highly competitive market, in establishing themselves and cashing on the benefits from it. The marketers can use this technology for engaging the audience, which is interactive, fast and easy to use.

With more adoption of AR technology in the market, prices may come down and can again increase the use and adoption in every sector like in event management, educational purpose, advertising, real estate, furniture (‘Place’ by IKEA),  etc. Mobiles like iPhone 8 and iPhone X provides augmented reality experience to the users. Snapchat has rolled out new AR feature which allows users to project themselves or images into the real world through the app’s camera.

Therefore, it is more likely that more social media platforms will roll out new methods of integrating AR technology into their platforms. As a Marketer, it is crucial to consider how this technology can fit into your niche and benefit your brand.

3) Influencer Marketing

For the last few years, there has been an erosion of consumer trust on mainstream institutions like media, CEOs, governments, and academics. This has led consumers turn to more familiar sources of influencers. More companies and brands are increasing their investment in influencer marketing, as they consider for current trends it is more effective than traditional marketing. Bigger companies like Rolex and Hubspot are using influencer marketing strategies to quickly connect with millennials and improve engagement with the existing audiences.

4)Messaging Apps

 Presently there are more than 4 billion people worldwide, using different messaging platforms and there’s a tremendous opportunity for organizations/ brands to leverage this presence. These apps provide consumers a much faster, easier way to connect with the brands, can get assistance for any issue or brands can promote their new launches to the existing consumers. This one-on-one communication service has the potential to completely change the way customers get their service done from the company.

Also, Messaging apps are scalable and cost-effective for business. It assists in retaining customers easily by providing better customer service experiences.

5) Social Media Listening Tool

Companies are recognizing the importance of listening to customers and improvising their product accordingly. The Social Media listening is tracking of social media conversations that revolve around specific keywords, phrases or brands. Marketers can leverage these words or phrases to find new opportunities to create content specifically for these audiences.

Social listening tools allow brands to analyze and can quickly reflect on their audience’s actions. Along with this, brands can track overall brand health, create better marketing campaigns and ultimately enhance the customer experiences in less time.

6) Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming was a hit last year and this year too will be an important part of every marketer’s PR & Marketing tool for social media. As the audience is settled with this format of marketing, it is expected from every brand to give out videos for their products. Showing interesting live events has always generated large audiences and social media provides marketers the fastest channel to reach the targeted audiences. Event management companies or event planners organizing event like Fundraising, can reach a large audience and participants instantly than in-person attendees.

Videos are one of the fastest growing ad formats in the world and its viewership is doubling YoY. All social media platforms Facebook(Facebook Live), Instagram (Instagram Live), Snapchat, and Twitter are investing in video to build more followers and engagement. FOMO Videos created at events can attract more event registrations.

Social Media is dynamic and brands or organizations that embrace new trends quickly will surely gain competitive advantage. The more unique your campaign is, the better chances you’ll have at connecting with your audience and differentiating yourself from the crowd. It is essential for marketers to be aware of fast-moving social media changes and trends, to optimize their resources to widen the audience base in the market.



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