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Why you may need to change your DTH provider

Why you may need to change your DTH provider

Already have a DTH connection but at your wit’s end with poor service and even poorer pack pricing? Switch to Airtel DTH and spare yourself the daily heartburn.

A few years ago, you got so fed up of your cable TV connection and its poor reception that you made the choice to switch to DTH. Since then, you got better picture quality and sound, but there’s still something missing…

You pay a monthly package fee for the channels you watch, but you are less than happy with the package itself. For one thing, there are not too many channels to choose from. For another, there isn’t enough flexibility to customise the monthly pack to add more channels. Besides, the reception suffers a great deal every time the weather changes – even one fierce gale can shake the dish antenna, and you stop getting your usual channels or the picture quality becomes poor.

And then there is the poor customer service. You have to repeatedly log your complaint before any notice is taken of your concern. And even then, grievance redressal leaves a lot to be desired. You wonder if you should change your DTH service provider – but is there a better one?

Yes, there is. Try Airtel DTH offers and you will find not just an excellent deal on your new DTH connection, but a host of other wonderful benefits as well.

The wonders of Airtel DTH

The primary consideration for anyone choosing a good DTH service provider is whether they have wide ranging monthly packs to choose from. So switching to Airtel makes complete sense: there is no other service provider to rival Airtel DTH today, whether in terms of monthly pack pricing or DTH offers. Airtel DTH gives you:

  • The highest numbers of channels
  • Many different kinds of monthly packs to choose from
  • Excellent transmission, even in rough weather – never suffer a channel outage again
  • Excellent picture and sound quality
  • Customisation of the monthly pack as Airtel adds more channels regularly
  • One universal remote that operates both the TV set and the set top box, for easier handling
  • HD quality set top box is provided at installation
  • Simple and quick installation process
  • Extremely affordable monthly plans, with huge variety in both free and paid channels. Expect a seamless transition from SD to HD only with Airtel DTH.
  • Simple DTH online recharge process
  • Regular DTH offers to further maximise on the connection

Once you get the Airtel DTH connection installed, you can enjoy TV viewing like you’ve never experienced it before. Revel in live sporting action, or watch your favourite movies or TV shows, or catch up on the news after dinner – whatever you want to watch, it’s all available on Airtel DTH.


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