15 Facebook Ad Tricks That Actually Boost Sales

The 21st century is all about the internet and social media. Everybody you see is busy on Social media. Social media platform lets people connect and share everything from pictures to text. But things have changed lately, and now people are using social media platforms to boost their business.

Facebook is of the social media platforms that are popular for connecting people and providing an excellent platform for businesses to market their products. Every business, be it small or large, uses the Facebook advertisement to increase conversions. Let’s talk about Facebook ads tricks today that will help you boost sales.

Importance of Facebook advertisement:

With billions of active users, Facebook is an incredible platform that businesses can use to promote their products and services. Facebook adverts have become increasingly popular as they allow marketers to get their products in front of a bigger audience. The businesses need a huge platform to showcase their products and what can be better than Facebook. As a matter of fact, Facebook has changed its algorithm to personalize what users see in their feeds. So it is high time to pay to play.

To get your products in front of the right audience, you need to create a compelling Facebook marketing campaign.  To target the specific customers and drive them back to your website, here are a few tips and tricks the Facebook ad agency can use to help you boost sales:

1. Facebook offers:

What is the best way to entice new and existing customers? Simple, offer them discounts. Use Facebook offers to grab the attention of the new customers and turn the existing customers into loyal ones.  Create an advert specifically for sale. When your audience will see your ad on Facebook, they would click on your ad, and without leaving Facebook, they will be able to see what new you have to offer them. They will get a code that they will use on your website to get your products at a lower price.

2. Use videos:

The video format is more engaging on Facebook. A video advert easily finds its way onto people’s feed as the Facebook algorithm actively prioritizes videos. Your audience will take more interest in a video advert, and they will more likely click on the video to watch it. It is the best way to show your products in action.

3. A Multi-Product Carousel:

You are showing one product in your ad, and people might not be interested in that particular product. The best way to compel your audience to watch your ad is to make a multi-product carousel.  When you pick a multi-product carousel advert, it compels customers to see more products. They might be interested in buying those products you have shown in the advert.

4. Facebook GIF ads:

Why make a 5 minutes long video every time to showcase your products on Facebook? Graphics interchange format is the best way to promote your products on Facebook these days.  GIF is actually a very short video that plays on a loop. It does not take much time and money to create Facebook GIF ads.

5. Don’t sell on Facebook:

The ads are quite annoying for people on social media. If you are selling your products in your Facebook ads, then never expect conversions. People are bored of this type of advertisement, and they simply ignore it. Instead, you can promote an event where you can showcase your products.

6. Boost an existing post:

Sometimes instead of wasting time and money on a new ad post, it is better to boost an existing post. You don’t know how well a new post will do. But you know what existing post generated tons of shares. You can boost it to reach thousands of people.

7. Strengthen brand identity:

The large companies, instead of directly selling the products, focus on strengthening their brand identity. They pay more attention to building a strong base of loyal customers.

8. Target your website users:

Target your website users is an effective way to boost sales. Remind them about your website by using Facebook adverts. They know you already so it will be easy to convert them into loyal customers.

9. Target email subscribers:

Target the users who have signed up to your email list.

10. Target people on the base of income:

It is highly important to know your audience before promoting your products. Target the audience based on their income as it will increase conversions.

11. Optimize likes on Facebook ads:

The likes and shares on your Facebook ads are social proof. They convince the audience to click on your ad, and when the ad is compelling enough, the customer will definitely buy.

12. Optimize ad placement:

Optimize ad placement as it has a huge impact on your advertising cost.

13. Use split tests:

It is highly essential to know what is working well on your Facebook and what is not. Use the A/B test to find out.

14. Advertise in a person’s right hand:

It may seem crazy to you, but it’s true that naturally, the user’s eyes are drawn to the right hand. So put your products in the right hand.

15. Image optimization:

Facebook algorithm pays much attention to the images you use in your ads. Make sure you use the right sized images in your adverts.

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