Mistakes Fresher’s Make While Searching For Job

Mistakes Fresher’s Make While Searching For Job

Are you a graduate and your job search is not yielding positive results? Yes, then firstly, I would like to tell you that you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are a fresher, and every year thousands of people graduate with a similar profile. And in this competitive world, you have to give yourself time before you start getting positive feedback.

As a fresher, you are new to the treacherous world of job hunting. It will take you some time to understand it, and you will make some mistakes. To learn how this whole mechanism works, you need to invest in a lot of time. Along the way, you will be making a lot of mistakes, but I can help you avoid at least some. These are some common errors that you can easily avoid if you know them.

Here are some mistakes fresher’s make while searching for a job:

1.Too Much Expectations

We all aspire to land a job with a great salary, perks, and opportunities. We expect all that because we are talented, have a good score and ready to work hard. All this is good, but companies consider a lot of factor before hiring anyone. For them, all job seekers are the same. Thus, instead of expecting a fancy job initially, go for a career that has ample opportunities for growth.

2.Having a bad attitude

Don’t have a relaxing and chilled out attitude. You need to be productive and send resumes and attend multiple interviews. Only this will help you understand where you stand and what areas you have to work on.

3.Sending out generic resumes

Not all jobs are the same; they require a different set of abilities. That is why; it is silly to send out a generic resume for every vacancy. Every job opening requires a resume that is specific to it. It is really easy to design a CV for a specific job you only have to change your objective. All the other details are the same.

For creating a professional resume, or if you are not so fond of DIY, use Canva CV maker tool to get readymade designs that require minimal customization. It is free and has a lot of features to aid you.

4.Limiting your job search to online portals

The worst mistake you can make is relying only on job portals and vacancy ads for an interview. No, you have to put yourself out. For that, start networking, meet new people and engage in conversation with an influencer on social media. It will help you get noticed and maybe get some good referrals. Moreover, go for walk-in interviews, sometimes they can also yield great results.

5.Limiting your job preference

If you want a job soon, you have to widen your horizons. I am not saying go for job interviews that don’t interest you. But also don’t reject every opportunity. Maybe not having a narrow approach will help you get your dream job.

6.Not preparing and dressing unprofessionally

Don’t walk into an interview without being ready for it. Learn a little about the company and ask intelligent questions. It will help you prepare for future prospective even if you don’t land that job.

Moreover, dress formally. You can’t attend an interview in casual clothes no matter the industry. That is a big no and can harm your chances.

7.Making silly mistakes

A mistake that stands out is spelling and grammatical errors in your resume. Re-read your CV a thousand times, but correct every error as they stand out. Even a single grammatical/spelling mistake will make you look careless which is not good. Also, make sure your resume stands out.

8.Thinking your qualifications will go the job

If you think that employers will be impressed with only your qualifications, you are wrong. You need to show them that your skills are practical and worth hiring you for. Tell them about your internships or training or projects that show your talents.

Bonus tip: Every recruiter does a background check. For this, they scrutinize your social media account. So, make sure it doesn’t have something that can make your chances of getting hired less.

Seeking a job, freshly after graduating is a daunting task. But you can take help from career coaches or the placement cell of your college/university. Lastly, don’t lose hope, keep trying and stay alert and you get a great job.


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