Mass Mailing Solutions

Mass Mailing Solutions

Many managers and business owners stick with the familiar resources in a busy mailroom, despite the high volume of post that passes through it. If your operation still uses stamps, older model franking machines, manual letter openers and inserters, you are draining money and time that could be better utilised.

Efficiency through cutting edge technology high volume franking machines, letter inserters and openers cannot be matched by humans, no matter how dedicated they may be. For example, the Sendpro 3000 high volume franking machine handles up to 310 items per minute; the Relay 5000 letter inserter can process 4000 items per hour, in various fold formats.

Both franked mail appliances ranges are designed by Pitney Bowes, market leaders for over 90 years, so you can trust that they’ll prove hugely cost effective. As machines fulfil repetitious chores, staff can be occupied on other vital business tasks.

Speak to Royal Mail and Pitney Bowes partners, IMS Franking, about optimising your mailroom in 2018.

Smart technology franking machines are the devices which Royal Mail perceives business mail users gravitating towards; the lowest costs allied with the highest technology solutions.

Royal Mail has stipulated that franking machine leases and purchases must be of smart franking machines. They have spent in excess of £70 million on franked mail services enhancements and will continue development. Only the smart machines will be able to adopt new attributes.

Smart high-volume franking machines which are eligible for Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme offer the lowest available pricing tariff with unrivalled online visibility and reporting, desktop management, and mail tracking via readable 2D barcodes.

A business which sends high volumes may qualify for a Royal Mail discount for accuracy available to license holders. This delivers benefits of up to 20% savings for above 90% accuracy.

Franked mail is often treated as business mail, so it regularly travels faster than mainstream post.

Franked mail looks professional and it can feature unique messages, logos and slogans. Essentially this is marketing with no money taken from the advertising budget.

Purchasing a franking machine outright has a greater financial impact initially. Many users prefer to lease so they can budget effectively.

IMS Franking offer a full consultancy service to ensure that your mailroom operates to its greatest potential. When investing in a cutting-edge technology franking machine why dismiss using a high-level efficiency letter opener that processes up to 35000 items per hour?

With franked mail, every item is processed at the correct fee, whether it is 1stclass, 2nd class, letter or parcel, sign on delivery or timed delivery.

Smart franking machines permit VAT reclaims and the machines calculate the amounts.

Online account management, supplies ordering and credit top-ups are available 24/7.

SendPro 3000 for high volume users:

Processes up to 310 items per minute.

15” Colour touchscreen operation.

7kg weighing platform, 35kg optional.

1200 dpi print quality. Colour.

1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.

Online account management.

Exceptional performance high volume franking machines and mailroom equipment are one phone call away. Contact IMS Franking today.



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