A Forecast of B2B Order Management Future Trends

In any business, to ensure smooth operations, proper inventory management is a key component. In recent times, it is a common thing to see more businesses turning to some of the most effective solutions like using an inventory management system to monitor their business. This also helps to ensure accurate forecasting. Businesses often wonder what the future holds for them.

The truth is that B2B e-commerce today is a constantly changing landscape. Similar to workflow automation, big data analytics, and new technologies can be available to change the competitive dynamics of businesses. Most B2B companies should adapt to the latest trends, which can help to keep them ahead of all their competitors. Technology is something that changes the way businesses operate on a daily basis, often at a rapid pace. The use of the right B2B order management software and automation tools is a prevailing trend today, and it surely helps to boost the way businesses operate.

Proper tools to manage inventory and orders has become an important factor today. Consider this, warehouses and stores were dependent on notepads and spreadsheets in the past. However, with proper order management and inventory management solutions, taking the lead has become easier. Businesses can now streamline bulk orders, and get real-time information.

As you read this post, you should learn more about some of the changes that actually affect order management and processes to help various businesses. In 2019, here are some trends that are set to shake up e-commerce.

Better Control over Inventory and Mobility

Modern gadgets like smartphones transform how businesses operate, and it gives them all the chance to manage and control their inventory in the best ways like never before. Now, people can download better barcode scanning apps in their smartphones, which means they do not need to invest in any expensive scanning machinery anymore. In a similar way, smart tools and apps have the power to make a real impact on the data that comes into the business. With modern, cloud-based solutions in inventory management, businesses can now use smartphones to manage the stock and control their business inventory.

Customer Management

Once you establish loyal customers in your wholesale e-commerce business, you need to give your customers a tool that will help them address all their concerns, especially in terms of the items to purchase. When you use a good inventor management tool like OrderCircle, this should help to equip all your customers with the best insight into the orders they place in bulk and give them access into their account to view their order history. Customers can stay happy with the separate wholesale accounts that they have for their customers and allow them to make trusted purchases.

Workflows in a Voice Direct Manner

Businesses today prefer to turn to voice direct picking. Today, this is a newer technology and it allows companies to have a hands-free solution to ensure all products in their business reach on top of shelves. It helps businesses to harness the artificial intelligence technology to guide all their workers towards their inventory. It always helps to minimize any need to train other employees, and once a worker starts, this should help them to comply with the warehouse. This is a good option because a voice direct picking solution should guide them to the products instantly. It helps in packing and shipping processes. Furthermore, it should encourage all workers to double check their inventory and ensure that they choose the best system.

Turn to a Good Inventory Management Solution

This year is more about turning to best B2B e-commerce solutions that will help business growth, smooth workflow, as well as proper order management. Here are some features a good tool should offer you.


As you search for a suitable inventory management tool, you should ensure it has good integration options. Most of the integration options should help to streamline accounting. If you choose a cloud-based solution, it should also be able to integrate well with other cloud-based apps, specifically for payroll, e-commerce, accounting, and others.

Frequent Updates

Once you commit to investing in software, you have to be sure the providers do not neglect the update of the software after purchase. Note that outdated features can lead to business loss. You need to search for the right features to see how frequently the software or tool will need updates. Furthermore, you can reach out to them to learn more about the updates as well as any quick fixing options.

Other features it should include:

  • Order Management
  • Inventory-Management
  • Proper invoicing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Staff accounts
  • Payments
  • Shipment tracking
  • Custom branding, etc.

The future for B2B order management seems like a great one, especially if businesses remain open to trying and exploring new options. You should ensure that you choose a suitable system, and go through all the features and make a well-informed decision accordingly.

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